The best digital loyalty solution for retailers and franchises!

The marketing & communication assistant that saves time and keeps your customers coming back.

Digital loyalty, eco-responsible, quick and easy

Send local, personalized offers

Google reviews & customer satisfaction

Receipt dematerialization

Are you a retailer?

No more stamping cards or lengthy forms!
Improve cash flow and retrieve customer data in 1s.

Find out more!

Digital and responsible loyalty!

A quick and easy in-store experience!

The marketing power of major groups at the service of shops and franchises!

Boost your sales and improve the customer experience in your store!

Connected support

Simple, fast and wireless. Simply put your phone down to collect loyalty points.

The mobile application

Your own personalized application, free for your customers!

LittleBill application mobile

The Web platform

Your day-to-day marketing assistant (data, communication, etc.).

LittleBill plateforme web

Free audit of your business and detailed presentation of our services

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The truth comes from our customers

Xavier Thiollière Coiffeur


Customers registered in 3 months


of sales generated in 1 campaign

Boulangerie de Gadagne


automatic store returns

Average after 6 months :

+250 insert customers

+900€ in sales in 1 notification/SMS campaign

+100% Google Reviews generated

+6h gained per month


Coffee roaster

"LittleBill saves us a lot of time. Whether at the checkout or communicating with our customers. Complete and intuitive, it gives us greater visibility and more sales."


Baker, Lyon

"I'm a big fan of the tool and my customers love it". Generated 10550 visits since its launch in 11 months. The best digital loyalty for bakeries".



"With LittleBill, I generate +1200€ in 1 notification campaign with my 550 customers...who are delighted" I'm not talking about 96 Google Notices generated either!

How does it work?

Simple, fast and 100% autonomous.

1. Place your phone on the support

It only takes 1 second at the checkout (with contactless).

2.a) 1st Passage: Receive your points and receipt instantly.

Directly on a web page (WebApp).

3.a) 1st Passage: Create your account and download the app.

Simply and in good time.

2.b) Opening the mobile application.

Available for iOS and Android. Click on the central button to collect these points.

3.b) Collect & centralize your points and receipts.

Youhou! You've just collected your points and received your receipt instantly on the app.

4. Centralize your data and receive offers.

Centralize your data on the app and be rewarded with 100% personalized offers from your favorite shops!

THE all-in-one solution that enhances the customer experience!

No more stamped loyalty cards, paper receipts or intrusive emails and SMS messages!

Digital and responsible loyalty

  • Create or integrate your loyalty program
  • Save time at the checkout and capture data
  • Increase your customers' repeat business

Personalized marketing

  • Communicate effectively with your customers
  • Personalize your in-store experience
  • Increase your sales

Customer reviews

  • Improve your Google ranking
  • Multiply the number of customer reviews by 120
  • Capture customer satisfaction

Digital receipts

  • Increase your customers' commitment
  • For connected and responsible commerce
  • Adapt to the anti-waste law (01/04/2023)

Our commitments

Let's make a social and eco-responsible impact!

In the wake of Covid and the advent of digital technology

  • Reconnecting local businesses with their customers through human interaction.
  • Democratize digital access for businesses.

Facing the recession

  • Giving consumers back their purchasing power.
  • Increase sales for local businesses.

Adapting to climate change

  • Reenchant the in-store customer experience and do away with paper cards and receipts!
  • Adapt to the anti-waste law of April 1, 2023.

Contact Us

+33 6 76 37 41 48

22 Montée Nicolas de lange
Lyon, 69005

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