Simplify Retailers' daily life by boosting: 





Remain connected with your customers!

  • Implement a digital & eco-friendly loyalty program in your store  (accessible on the App).

  • Instant & wireless digital loyalty card subscription & gain time.

  • Reference your store on LittleBill "Map" & gain visibility.

  • Join a great community of Retailers & Shoppers.

  • Send personalized offers directly on the App.

  • Analyze your customer data & improve your sales strategy.

Digital at the service of  Retailers. 

A Solution adapted to YOUR Needs.

"1 Tap" Tag in Store
(to be sticked in-store)

  • Create & Count Digital Loyalty Points - Instant & wireless.

  • Gather Offline purchasing Data from Customers.

  • Send digital receipts on LittleBill App.

  • Payments & easily integration with all POS.

A Web Platform

  • Advanced Offline Data Analytics to know better the shoppers.

  • Send & manage Personalized Coupons, Events, etc.. on the App.

  • Implement & manage Digital Loyalty program.

  • Review Customer Satisfactions.

Our Offers

"1 Tap" Loyalty Tag & SaaS Offer

Payments + Receipts Tag & SaaS Offer

19,99 € / Month

Transaction Fees / POS integration

  • Monthly rental of "1 Tap" Tag

  • Implement "1 Tap" Loyalty Program

  • Customers Offline Data Dashboard

  • Send promotional inserts (coupons/events) to the engaged & local community.

  • POS integration with Tag (Payment & Receipts)

  • Monthly rental of customized Tag

  • Implement Loyalty Program

  • Advanced Customers Offline Data Dashboard

  • Send promotional inserts (coupons/events)

Possible Customized Offers

Monthly rental of multiple Tags or/and multiple stores

Implement Customized Loyalty Program

Unlimited & Personalized promotional inserts

Customized Data Dashboard adapted to retailers’ needs

Turn your anonymous customers into loyal customers.

User Journey

All our partners' stores are using our unique instant loyalty program. 

Here is below the user journey.

1. Download the App

(only once)

play sotre.png

2. Click on the central button

3. Tap your phone on the "Tag"

(located in the store)

4. Youhou ! You just subscribe to the digital loyalty card of the store.

5. Cumulate your points

6. Redeem your offers

SaaS Offer Management

What Our Clients Say


Connor, Hairdresser

It's a amazing tool and very easy to use. My customers loved the "1-tap" experience right away. They can now view their loyalty points on the mobile app. On my end, it's a task I don't have to manage anymore. Fantastic!